SE * Forever Loved seeking hosts (foster parents) to one or possibly several kittens during next year.
Because we want all of our cats to get the attention and love they deserve, we like to work with hosts for them. The kittens that we might want to breed further on we let move in with hosts. It all comes down to that the cat lives with you and is almost as your own, but we’ll show it at catshows, and when the time is right, we want to take the kittens from the cat. Then when the cat is finished with the breading it will go into your possession and it will be neutered and becomes yours. If you are interested in catshows, you can either show it yourself or we will “borrow” the cat for the shows that we want to take it to. When it’s time for kittens, the cat can either move in with us or get the kittens with you, this we determine depending on the conditions and posibilities at that time.

You can be the host for either a male or female cat, but there are some aspects to consider before you decide that this might be something for you.

  • I want you to live near Stenungsund or max 10 mil away
  • The idea is that the cat will have a permanent home, so it will stay with you for the rest of its life
  • The cat must be an indoor cat, but we would like if you have a cat run or take it out on a leash sometimes
  • The cat must be fertile, ie you must be prepared that females go into heat a few times a year, and males may sprey. However, you can use the pill and chips but there may be periods when one must “deal” with these inconveniences.
  • If you do you have more cats, you can only have fertile cats of the same sex so no unplanned matings can take place
  • There may be some travel to and from shows, breedings and veterinarians. By agreement, we can pick up and drop the cat but it requires some flexibility and cooperation to get everything to fit with the times, etc.
  • If the kittens is to be born at home with you, you need to think about being at home as much as possible, especially the first weeks and that we come to visit often during these 12 weeks that the kittens stay with the mom!
  • We are obviously in touch with you during the entire period that the cat is growing up and I would like to know how everything goes, recieve some photos and maybe visit occasionally.
  • I want you to be used to cats but I can suggest courses to increase your knowledge if necessary.
  • You provide the food, what the cat needs to have a good life and daily care.
  • The cat is insured for breeding and the costs is about 100kr per month
  • The cat should be vaccinated once a year and dewormed if necessary.
  • Other costs of the breeding and catshow is for me.
  • We will sign a contract so it is clear to both of us about our rights and / or obligations, but the most important thing for me is an open dialogue and respect for the cat’s best.

We follow SVERAK rules, the kitten is at least 12 rows and full vaccinated and as well equipped as our “purchase kittens” when you get it.

If it sounds interesting, feel free to contact us so we talk more!

Best regards


2 Responses to Kittenhost

  1. Ulrika boman says:

    Funderar du på att bli fodervärd rekommenderar jag forever loved.
    Första ggn jag är fodervärd och det fungerar jättebra och smidigt. Jag har fått lära mig massor tack vare att jennie o Christian är intresserade o alltid ställer upp om det behövs. Sen visade sig britten vara en helmysig o lugn ras. Nu har jag två. En egen också:-)

  2. Marie Andersson says:

    Rekommenderar varmt SE Forever Loved. Britten är en mycket gosig och lugn ras.
    Jennie och Christian är intresserade och seriösa.

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